Some Critics And Musings On Different Forms Of Art

Yes, yes there are many vastly different forms of art.  I don’t want to comment on all of them because that would just take forever, and you’d all probably hate me after, but there are a few styles that I like to ponder and stare at from time to time.

Let me first indicate to you which forms I actually like to see.  These include architecture, drawing (chalk, pastel, you get the idea), graffiti, graphic, mosaic, murals, painting (oils, acrylics, watercolours, etc.), performance, photography, sand art, sculpture, stained glass, and tapestry.  These types of art forms are pretty well-known and very substantial.  Now, people who practice these types of art forms are artists and the good ones know what they’re doing.

Now, let me mention other types that are considered art.  These include, poster, collages, calligraphy, assemblage, and so on.  Basically, I don’t agree that anything unoriginal – in terms that the “art” is not fully designed and develop based on original work – should not be concluded as your own art.  Anything you’re able to copy and paste together is technically not your own art.  Sure, the person that took that photo or designed that calligraphy is original and created their own vision from their mind.  However, someone taking those photos and putting them together or copying a calligraphy pattern just isn’t a true artist themselves.  I believe that true artists create their own original work which is why we admire them so much.

The worst is when someone is copying a painting or drawing of someone else.  If you’re going to do that, at least get some professionals to do it for you.  Especially if you’re untalented in the art form.  There are many Toronto area painters who are able to make something look nice.  They can help you do it or just paint something for you.  Much easier and much nicer to look at.


So just remember that the next time you’re trying to produce some sort of art form, especially one that you aren’t talented in, let the original artist or a professional take care of it.  After all, there are plenty of Greater Toronto Area commercial painting company services out there, and they will do a much better and creative job.

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Editor On All Things Culture, Food And Design

gourmet Welcome to Editor And Punisher, site where I will speak the truth of my mind on all matters relating to culture, food and design.  I’d like to call myself a food and art critic.  I may be harsh, but that’s just reality.  Why ask what someone think about something if you don’t want to hear the real truth?  There’s too much icing on everyone’s cake nowadays.  I feel like we just need to say what’s on our minds about these things.  Why lie to someone just to spare their feelings?  Is that what our world has come to?

Some people may hate what I have to say, but that’s what the “x” is for.

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